Summer meal programs wrap up

Summer meal programs wrap up

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) — Summer food programs are wrapping up, and KEYC News 12 has the numbers on how they’ve done this summer.

The Mankato Salvation Army served more than 2,000 children’s meals through their Mobile Outreach Meal Program and are done for the season.

Program coordinator Leslie Johnson said this is the first year the program has seen a significant impact on its numbers.

In 2018, they fed 2300 kids.

In 2017, they fed 3500 kids.

“More goes into this than just feeding kids," said Johnson.

Johnson said it’s also important to build relationships.

She said she will explore ideas with the advisory board.

'Feeding Our Communities Partners' served 9,730 weekend meals.

August deliveries will still feed kids this weekend and next weekend.

Independent School District 77 has distributed 79,000 meals so far among their eight locations.

Their program continues until Aug. 23.

“A lot of our students do rely on school meals, and so during the summertime they don’t always have access to food. So we want to make sure that they are receiving healthy meals," said District 77 Director of Food Services Darcy Stueber.

KEYC reached out to the Boys and Girls’ Club in Mankato to find out how their program went but have not heard back from them.

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