DFL hosts “Hands Off Our Health Care” Tour

DFL hosts “Hands Off Our Health Care” Tour

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) — Democrats are calling Rep. Jim Hagedorn’s health care agenda ‘disastrous.’

Mankato and North Mankato DFL leaders gathered to voice their displeasure with Hagedorn’s approach to health care policy, and to share personal stories about how the Affordable Care Act has benefited them.

Part of the “Hands off Our Health Care Tour,” Sen. Nick Frentz (D-North Mankato) joined the conversation.

“We have profit in the pharmaceutical industry which is bordering on out of control. It’s fine to make a profit but health care is something every human needs. People without insurance don’t stop getting sick. People without insurance still get sick,” Sen. Frentz said.

Other speakers included a newly diagnosed diabetic, a physician and a Vietnam Veteran.

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