Mavs are preparing for another big season on the ice

Mavs are preparing for another big season on the ice

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) — The Minnesota State University, Mankato Men’s Hockey Team finished the 2018-2019 season with a record of 32–8–2.

The Mavs were back on the ice Wednesday as they begin their 2019-2020 campaign.

The Mavericks went undefeated in the WCHA postseason tournament last year to nab the Jeff Sauer Trophy and earn a trip to the NCAA Tournament.

Fast forward about five months and the team is back on the ice in Mankato for another ground–breaking season.

“Really excited, you know last year was really exciting first year for us and we’ve got a really good team coming back and just excited to get started,” Dryden McKay, MSU sophomore goaltender, said.

“It’s good to see everyone back here, it’s a bit of a different animal now that school is right around the corner so everyone’s itching to get at it now,” Connor Mackey, MSU junior defenseman, said.

The team will feature seven new faces this year, the recruiting class is made up of four forwards, two defenseman, and a goaltender.

“They’ve been real good guys, you can tell right now the coaching staff has done a really good job of bringing the right guys in, not only on the ice but personalities off the ice as well,” Marc Michaelis, MSU senior forward, said.

“Yeah it’s been good so far, we’ve only been here for a couple days now but we were together all six weeks in the summer so we did some team stuff and everyone meshed really well with them, made them feel comfortable so they’ve been a great addition so far,” Mackey said.

As far as the team dynamic goes the upperclassman don’t foresee adjustments in how they lead the men toward success.

“I’ve never been a very vocal guy, I kind of lead by example so I’m not going to change anything from last year to this year, I think I’m just going to try to be a better version of myself and I think our leadership group and the other captains, we adjust really well and we’re a really good group together so everybody is doing their job,” Michaelis said.

“I don’t think for me the class rank changes the way I lead or speak in the locker room, whatever that is, I think just keep doing that, lead by example and speak when I need to and just keep continuing that,” Mackey said.

The Mavs are set to play their first game of the season Saturday, Oct. 5 at home in an exhibition game against Mount Royal.

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