Under the Sun Herb Farm brings unique flavor to local farmers markets

Under the Sun Herb Farm brings unique flavor to local farmers markets

MADELIA, Minn. (KEYC) — One of the few southern Minnesota farms that specializes in herbs lies in Madelia.

Owners of the Under the Sun Herb Farm, Alise Torgusen and Bil Carda, saw a void in the natural herb market that they felt needed to be filled.

“They bring just a powerful addition to our foods, they are extremely rich and essential vitamins and minerals flavors and kitchens all over the world that is a staple ingredient,” owner Torgusen said.

Every week, they harvest their herbs, dry, package, and plan for market.

Their identity at local farmers markets revolves around their unique selections of herbal teas, culinary herbs, and herb infused vinegars, garlic, and maple syrup.

"Our chamomile tea is probably one of my favorites, we hand harvest all of the chamomile and it’s usually dry within two to three days of harvest, so it really preserves all of that floral wonderful flavor,” Torgusen said.

What sets the farm apart from others, is its growing process.

Regenerating soil is an emphasis in their farming practices.

"It’s going to help sustain and support that life — the bacteria, the microbes, the little critters in the soil — which in turn helps produce healthier plants who are more resistant to disease, pressure, and pest pressure,” Torgusen said.

Under the Sun has made appearances to the community in Mankato and New Ulm Farmers Markets for two years the current owners have had the farm since October.

And as they continue to grow, so will their selection.

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