Big turnout for Minneopa State Park monarch tagging event

Big turnout for Minneopa State Park monarch tagging event

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) — The quest was on for the 4th generation monarchs before they migrate south to Mexico.

The morning brought together many enthusiasts eager to get in on the tagging.

And the task didn't pose as a challenge for some.

“It was easy!” the Bailey and McKinney family said.

Here’s what the process looked like; participants grab a net and begin searching.

Once they capture a monarch, they identify the gender and tag.

“We’re going to take a little sticker and it goes on the hind wing,” Minneopa Area Naturalist Scott Kudelka said.

Each tag has a unique number, so wherever they land in their 8 month life span, finders will know exactly where they came from.

“They can tell you ‘Ok this monarch came from Minneopa State Park in Minnesota’ and of course if they don’t make it there and somebody else finds it and turns it out then they kind of know if they’re flying in this direction or this direction,” Kudelka said.

And all the efforts were for the greater picture, to help monarchs survive.

“We’re worried we’ve seen there’s numbers drastically dropping off. The main issue is habitat, they just do not have the same habitat,” Kudelka said.

“I love that they know milkweed and that they understand a little bit of the process in why it’s important to protect these special places for the monarchs,” Mankato resident Angie McKinney said.

“We love butterflies!” the Bailey and McKinney family said.

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