Farmamerica discusses soil health and management

Farmamerica discusses soil health and management

WASECA, Minn. (KEYC) — Farmamerica took a closer look at soil health and management this week that included a demonstration on different tilling methods and their effect on the soil.

Management of the land plays a big part in determining the soil's response to rainfall and freezing weather.

The exhibit showed different amounts of soil runoff with conventional, strip till with cover crops, no till with cover crops, CRP and managed pasture with the no till with cover crops plot of soil experiencing the least amount of runoff.

Preventing runoff and soil erosion helps maintain organic matter in the soil, which are farmers’ smallest helping hands.

“You have a lot of employees in the soil, but they’re not ones you pay for. They’re worms and ants and other things living in the soil that make their life in the soil that actually improve the soil for management and productivity,” said soil scientist, Dan Nath.

Nath said that managing soil with options such as strip till or no till could have economic benefits and help maintain or improve water quality.

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