Rebels Girl’s Tennis Team is back on the court

Rebels Girl’s Tennis Team is back on the court

WELLS, Minn. (KEYC) — The United South Central tennis team is back on the court for the Fall season.

The Rebels finished strong in the 2018 season.

This year the team plans to continue the tradition of a tight-knit group in order to keep up their success.

“With the team chemistry, it’s really important and we have bonfires, we play games, we have team brunch and that really helps just to get to know each other and that way if we’re playing doubles then we know how to get along with each other really well,” Daylyn Huper, Rebels senior, said.

“We have a group chat and it’s always going off, we just pick a house and we have a pot luck most of the time because we’re really into food and we just play some games, and we really get to know each other,” Trinity Seedorf, Rebels senior, said.

Another important aspect for this team's success is being mentally strong and selfless on and off the court.

“I like to think that I can go out there and just keep everybody positive and motivate my team I know that I feel as though I’m a pretty good motivator and I think the girls will agree that I cheer them on a lot,” Huper said.

“Just like they said, I would say positivity is a huge thing for us, we really are focused a lot on mindset, we have camp–off we do her recordings and we listen to her and they carry that through in practices and matches and nobody leaves until everybody is done and everybody is an important part of our team so they make sure that everyone feels included,” Amanda Henning, Rebels head coach, said.

Seedorf and Huper hope to advance their game and bond with their teammates in their last year as USC Rebels.

“Being by the girls and doing the best I can and hopefully improving myself and as a team would really mean a lot,” Seedorf said.

“I’m looking forward to definitely a lot of team bonding this year but also going and doing our best in matches and hopefully ending the season with a better record than last year,” Huper said.

The Rebels plan to keep the momentum and positivity high in order to achieve this goal.

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