Inside the final day of the 27th annual Shooters Roundup

Inside the final day of the 27th annual Shooters Roundup

MORRISTOWN, Minn. (KEYC) - Every fourth weekend of August Ahlmans gun shop hosts Shooters Roundup, a shooting show with entertainment, food, a great variety of guns and most importantly sales on ammo.

“We call it one of the biggest shooting shows in Minnesota,” general manager of Ahlmans Gun Shop Mike Ahlman said.

Workers say it's a convincing time for hunters to stock up on gear for the fall season.

“People are buying up for the year, for the fall and for shooting ranges,” Browning Ammunition representative Jake Porter said.

The weekend experience also gave people the rare opportunity to test fire unique guns.

“That you can’t buy, but you’ve always wanted to shoot. Full auto guns, we have people that are licensed that legally own them,” Ahlman said.

From military tanks to shooting an arrow, there was no shortage of diversity.

“You put a cabbage on top, you shoot it and it explodes. I mean it’s a thunderous explosion and it just rains cabbage on everybody and they love that,” Ahlman said.

The annual event has come a long way.

What now brings thousands of people used to be a small get together.

“It used to be just guys, it was always a group of guys – which you still get that – there’s a lot of people every year this is on their bucket list, every year they come. Now, you’re seeing families, which is great," Ahlman said.

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