USC volleyball plans to dig deep this season

USC volleyball plans to dig deep this season

WELLS, Minn. (KEYC) - United South Central volleyball is practicing hard trying to bounce back from a 6–21 record from last year.

“We’re ready to roll, we had a scrimmage yesterday which was great, kind of get a barometer of where you’re at and some of the areas you still need to tighten up prior to that first game but it went really well, we’ve had a fantastic first couple weeks and we’re just excited about the direction the program’s going and the steps that we can take this year,” Joe Kuechenmeister, USC head coach, said.

“I’m just excited about the people we have on the floor, it seems like we’re going to do a really good job this year and just the vibe of the team just working really well together,” Lexi Roberts, USC senior middle hitter, said.

The girls have a tight bond on the court and know how much determination is needed for a successful season.

“We got a lot of kids that are pushing each other and part of that depth is the fact that we have competitive practices and a lot of kids that are battling it out for those different position because you only have the six spots on the floor so makes it for a fun practice environment,” Kuechenmeister said.

“Yes, competitiveness that’s very important, I know when we’re competitive with each other that’s when we do our best and hopefully we can continue to be competitive with the other teams so we will do our best against them,” Ongelle Schroeder, senior outside hitter, said.

The team realizes that going up against strong teams will take physical strength as well a resilient mind.

“Positivity and lots of encouragement, I know we do really well when we’re there for each other and we’re upbeat and got a lot of energy so that will be nice to work towards,” Schroeder said.

“I guess it reflects off of each other, so as we keep building this energy, I don’t know, we just become closer and it pays off,” Kaylee Carlson, USC senior libero, said.

The team will take this energy to the court on Thursday, Aug. 29 as they kickoff their season against Martin Luther/Granada-Huntley-East Chain/Truman.

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