Adult Basic Education Consortium focuses on outreach to keep funding balanced

Adult Basic Education Consortium focuses on outreach to keep funding balanced

LE SUEUR, Minn. (KEYC) — The Adult Basic Education Consortium is focusing on outreach in hopes of keeping their funding balanced after they’ve seen less students entering the program.

The program provides adults opportunities to learn English as a second language, get their GED, work toward American citizenship and more.

It is hosted by the Le Sueur-Henderson School District and works with other school districts in the area as well.

For them, reaching out to more potential students is key to getting balanced funding.

The funding they get is based on how many students are enrolled in the program and how many hours they spend in the classroom.

“Before we decided that I was going to be the coordinator, we were looking at about a $10-20,000 loss for the upcoming year. But now, because I am going to be taking over, we save substantially, and we are looking at breaking even," said Community Education Director and ABE Coordinator Nathan Warden.

The decision to have Warden fulfill the new position cut administrative costs without impacting staff.

But according to Warden, they’ve seen fewer students come into the program.

Now they are focusing on outreach.

“And so I think just a more concentrated focus effort on marketing to the right people, to the right locations would just make a huge difference," Warden said.

ESL and GED teacher Valerie Danielson said students come from all different backgrounds and all want to accomplish something.

“It’s a great opportunity for students to be able to come to class, get the skills that they need to give them more opportunities in life," she said.

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