Waseca football has plans to return to U.S. Bank Stadium

Waseca football has plans to return to U.S. Bank Stadium

WASECA, Minn. (KEYC) — Along with many other area teams, the Waseca Bluejays will begin their football season Thursday.

After falling 23–15 in the state semi–finals last year the squad is fighting for another chance at U.S. Bank Stadium.

“Once we got there I think it’s a lot easier to go back, I think our goals we have in our minds that we want to get there and we want to go past it,” Blake Wendland, Waseca senior safety/running back, said.

“Day to day it’s going to be a lot of hard work, focus, a lot of hustle on the field and just maintaining our preparation for each game, taking it week by week,” Jack Rolling, Waseca senior guard/defensive end, said.

After losing a large group of seniors last year the team has had to fill voids that those players left

“We lost 18 seniors last year and some pretty high–end players but we’ve got our class of seniors right now maybe isn’t as star studded as last year’s but we’ve got a lot of hard–working blue collared, no nonsense type kids that work hard and are ready to help us,” Brad Wendland, Waseca head coach, said.

“A lot of our juniors and seniors we’ve been in the weight room all summer working hard every day and I think that’s the biggest thing getting our strength up and being as big as we were last year and filling in those senior’s roles,” Denver Daniel, Waseca senior running back/linebacker, said.

”Sometimes you’re going to have to call some kids out and you’re just going to have to pull them off the sidelines and if something goes wrong don’t jump on them but just going to have to address it to the team," Jacob Hertzog, Waseca senior center/defensive tackle, said.

Coach Wendland is eager to get his team on the playing field to evaluate where they stand against competition.

“Our motto is we have to earn everything, we’re entitled to nothing and so we’re excited, we feel like we have the potential to be a strong team this year if we put things together, there’s a lot of unknowns going into the first game, a lot of kids will be doing stuff for the first time but that’s part of the fun and let’s see how this season starts,” Brad Wendland said.

“We can definitely be a dangerous team this year I think that a lot of teams are going to not look for to playing us, it’s Waseca week this week, we have to keep our game, we have to step it up to the next level and we’re just going to outwork them. I think it gets us really excited knowing that teams probably we’re not their favorite match–up against because we’re a very physical team, we’ve got a lot of big guys and we don’t stop for anyone,” Rolling said.

“We’ve got a lot of talent, we’ve got a lot of people coming back, coming in and they’re looking good. We’re going to be hard workers, I think we’re going to be a bunch of tough kids wanting to play some ball,” Blake Wendland, said.

The Bluejays kickoff their season Thursday as they play host to Tri–City United at 7 p.m.

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