Welcome Week at South Central College kicks off

Welcome Week at South Central College kicks off

NORTH MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) — The first week of classes at South Central College means fresh faces and new opportunities.

Student leaders put together a slate of events for Welcome Week to get students connected.

“We find that student who get connected earlier during their academic year, are more likely to be successful,” Director of Student Engagement Brian Yingst said.

All while enjoying freebies.

“People in college love food, like regardless – so we made sure to have pizza for example at this event we had ice cream, and then caricatures, you can’t really get them for cheap so of course we had to get them here for free,” Student Life Representative Halleluyaa Mieessaa said.

In the upcoming days, students will also see the promotion of diversity with scheduled entertainment.

“This really helps, I think, with making sure that we have a very welcoming community college and it gives you a sense of something that we more than just a place that you can go to learn something new every day but also a place that you can get to know people and different types of events help create that,” Mieessaa said.

Some of the best results of the week are as simple as the making of friends.

Yingst, who has been a student leader for 3 years, has seen those friendships form with his own eyes.

“It’s really fun to see the community starting to get built. It’s fun to see students that were walking around alone at the beginning of the day starting to meet some new people and then they’re walking around in pairs or groups,” Yingst said.

Welcome Week will conclude Wednesday, Sept. 4.

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