Fairmont prepares for its new miniature golf course

Fairmont prepares for its new miniature golf course

FAIRMONT, Minn. (KEYC) — Alongside the Fairmont Aquatic Center will soon be a new, custom–built miniature golf course.

Each hole is sponsored by a business and each respective business got to design the obstacle.

“The Ford one is actually already in – it’s a great loop–the–loop and they made it for us so that’s awesome. Where we are siting there’s going to be a helicopter. Mayo Health Systems sponsored that one,” Kids Just Want to Have Fun committee member Meaghan Slama said.

The 'Kids Just Want to Have Fun' committee is finally seeing the project come to life after about a year of planning.

“We hope the community takes advantage of this for different outings, for businesses, for non–profit groups in town. It’s just a great way for everybody to enjoy something together,” Slama said.

While members hope the grounds attract an array of people, they made sure the course was built to be ADA–accessible.

“We want people to actually live in Fairmont, entertain themselves in Fairmont, and carry on here,” Slama said.

“And to be proud,” Kids Just Want to Have Fun committee member Kendra Pomerenke said.

“Exactly,” Slama said.

The official grand opening is Sept. 22 and the celebration will be nothing short of big.

The local radio station will be in attendance with live music, vendors, and of course golf.

“Everybody can finally play, it’s supposed to be a beautiful day – it’s after the Vikings game, we did take note of that so we want people to enjoy that game and then come out here and celebrate with us. Hopefully a win in both places," Slama said.

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