Safety First with Landon’s Law

With three deaths in grain bin accidents in Minnesota in the last two weeks, the mother of one victim is speaking out.
Updated: Aug. 28, 2019 at 10:46 PM CDT
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ST. PETER, Minn. (KEYC) — With three deaths in grain bin accidents in Minnesota in the last two weeks, the mother of one victim is speaking out; 18-year-old Landon Gran died in a grain bin accident in the St. Peter area earlier this month.

His mother Michele spoke about how she wants his memory and legacy to help stop preventable farm accidents.

“He would have made a change in this world, and now it’s my turn to make that change for him,” said Michele Gran, Landon Gran’s mother.

Landon Gran passed away on August 14 in a grain bin accident and his mother is intent on making a difference, vowing that his life will not be lost in vain.

“People that have senselessly died, I just feel that if we even save one, if one person came and said thank you for pushing Landon’s Law, it’ll all be worth it,” said Gran.

Michele is pushing for Landon’s Law, contacting local, state and national officials to add safety measures and protocols to be followed in and around grain bins, starting with equipment in the bin.

“I envision on sweep augers, a full basket over sweep augers, put a whole basket over, no arm, no hand can go through, we don’t need senseless injuries or deaths,” said Gran.

All equipment inside the bin should first be shut off before entering, but in case that step is missed:

“Have a secondary shut off to equipment, a remote possibly, that can be like a medical alert bracelet, save your life, save the person in the bin’s life if someone isn’t with you, they walk away, you have a chance to live,” said Gran.

This would coincide with the buddy system rule in which no one working in or around a grain bin should be left alone.

“Another thing if it isn’t an auger, if you’re checking your grain from the top of the bin, there possibly could be ladders, that are just out of paracord, paracord is strong, it can hang from the ceiling, it takes up little to no space in your bin,” said Gran.

Landon’s Law would also make these safety measures affordable and make sure farmers are complying.

“Have these farmers have the money available that they can get government loans or government grants, just have it where this money is available, farmers can make the renovations,” said Gran.

“Insurance companies can get in with this, if the farmer does not comply, their insurance rate goes up, if they are in compliance, the insurance rate goes up,” said Gran.

And for the love of Landon, Michele intends on seeing Landon’s Law through.

“I’m doing this, I’m out for the long haul on this, I love that kid, I wanted his future to be mine,” said Gran.

An antique car and truck show will be held at St. Peter High School in honor of Landon. All proceeds will go toward a memorial scholarship fund in his name.

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