Mapleton Songs on the Lawn brings community together

Mapleton Songs on the Lawn brings community together

MAPLETON, Minn. (KEYC) — Mapleton’s own “Songs on the Lawn” brought the community together one last time for the summer on Thursday.

The Mapleton Area Foundation held three “Songs on the Lawn” events on the last Thursday of the summer months.

Evenings include live music, food and drinks, but the last “Songs on the Lawn” ended with the first night of high school football lights for the season.

“It’s just to get the community out and we have the local pork producers grill pork chops for us and we get pop and a chip and they come out and we just try to get local talents and local bands come out and play and just having a night of music and getting people together,” said president of the Mapleton Area Foundation, Jeff Annis.

Proceeds from food and beverages sold at Songs on the Lawn go to the Mapleton Area Foundation.

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