School Shark, seeing a need and filling a need on college campuses

School Shark, seeing a need and filling a need on college campuses

ST. PETER, Minn. (KEYC) — Two Gustavus Adolphus College juniors and teammates on the baseball team saw a need and filled that need on campus with School Shark.

School Shark is a platform connecting students searching for used textbooks, with the students who can supply them.

The need was discovered through a group chat, where the duo found a way that both the buyer and the seller can benefit by their service.

“After paying tuition, buying food and stuff like that, you don’t want to pay $400 dollars for textbooks and what we did with our baseball team, we had a group chat, and so what happened was Wes was able to connect with upperclassmen who had taken classes we were going to take later and they said ‘Hey, can we buy this textbook off of you?,” said School Shark co-founder John Campisi.

School Shark is looking to expand to other campuses all while getting themselves real life entrepreneurial experience.

“When you see it, especially people that you know, and you’re able to help them out, it really makes you hungry to do it to more people.” said School Shark co-founder Weston Lombard, “and so that’s why we’re just working with a lot of entrepreneurship clubs, reaching out to them. We’ve gotten some leads form a couple schools, Mankato is one of them, we’re just figuring out which one we want to pick.”

School Shark has a website, Instagram account and a podcast as they look to troubleshoot more college needs than finding inexpensive textbooks.

For more information, their website is attached here.

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