Apple season begins in Minnesota

Apple season begins in Minnesota

MONTGOMERY, Minn. (KEYC) — Labor Day is considered to be the start of apple season, according to Montgomery Orchard owners.

Montgomery Orchard lets visitors pick their own apples when they visit.

Sweet Tangos are ripe at the orchard.

Honey Crisps will be ripe in two and a half weeks.

The orchard also has different activities like a corn maze.

“The Sweet Tango is my confession. I like it a little better because it has that tartness as part of the component of it. Whereas, the Honey Crisp is certainly one of the sweetest apples that you’re going to get and a great, crispy apple," owner Scott Wardell said.

Wardell wants visitors to know despite the road closure sign off of State Highway 99, the road is open to the orchard.

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