Minnesotans React to Farmers’ Almanac Winter Prediction

Public React to Farmers' Almanac Winter Prediction

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) -The Farmers’ Almanac released its annual forecast Monday predicting bad news for Minnesotans this winter.

Minnesotans can look forward to a long and harsh winter, that is if you believe the predictions from the Farmers’ Almanac.

The centuries old forecaster predicts future weather by sunspot activity, tidal action and the positions of the planets.

According to the Almanac it may feel like a “never–ending winter". It may be frigid and snowy with above normal winter–precipitation and a late spring.

I asked Mankato community members their thoughts on the prediction.

“Well, I guess they were right about the summer being cool and wet. So time to tune up the snow blower," said one community member.

Another is not excited about the news.

“Not gonna lie it hurts a little bit. Guess it gives me time to prepare for extra snow blowing and shoveling this winter."

KEYC News 12 meteorologist Josh Eckl says to take the prediction with a grain of salt.

“Forecasting a week out is extremely difficult, sometimes even 24 hours out can be very hard. So predicting three to five months in advance about what’s going to happen. Is very difficult."

“Climate is what you can expect, weather is what you’re gonna get," Eckle said.

But for some kids in Minnesota. The possible hard winter, doesn’t seem too bad.

“Well I kinda like winter so it’s not the worst thing for me,” one said.

Another, “I like it because I can play in the snow!"

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