Godahl holds annual Labor Day celebration

Godahl holds annual Labor Day celebration

GODAHL, Minn. (KEYC) — Sixty-four years ago people came together in Godahl for butchering season.

Today, the community gathering lives on.

“Back in the day before modern refrigeration they would come here and this is where the butchering would happen," said volunteer Tom Flitter. “They did this as a community when there were a lot more farm families in the area. Families would get here they’d have music they’d have ball games, they’d do that. But when refrigeration came in they still wanted to have the celebration.”

The celebration includes the annual parade. The small town of Godahl, located outside of St. James, only has about six families left living there. However, the parade draws nearly 1,200 people.

The celebration included live music, entertainment, bouncy houses, bingo and, of course, food.

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