Judson Bottom Road to reopen Wednesday

Judson Bottom Road to reopen Wednesday

NORTH MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) — The North Mankato City Council voted to reopen Judson Bottom Road Wednesday, Sept. 4, under the condition that gates will eventually be installed on either side that could be closed when necessary.

Andrew Goettlicher lives along the road.

He said the road has been a path for him and his neighbors to get in and out of their homes and into North Mankato, which makes it especially critical in the winter months.

“When there’s a lot of storms and stuff out in the country that gives us a safe passage in. Even when things are tough out in the country, it’s still an easy route for us to drive in on," he said.

He said the road is also an easy route for emergency vehicles and that it provides a lot of recreational opportunities, like fishing and running.

“I believe each one of us takes our own safety into our own hands when we do go down that road, but I trust that it’s safe enough to take me and my family down it," he said.

Extra signage has already been installed along the road.

“Beware of falling rocks and more warnings to motorists," said Community Development Director Mike Fischer.

And messages of safety did not go unsaid at the council meeting.

“Be very, very careful and alert when you take that road at all,” Councilwoman Diane Norland said.

The council hopes to have a set of gates put in in the near future.

“It really is something that the folks that live down there need, and it’s a nice, scenic byway for the citizens of this region to be able to use," Goettlicher said.

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