Over 800 students attend part-time job fair

Over 800 students attend part-time job fair

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) — Minnesota State University, Mankato students have been back for nearly two weeks.

For some, it's their first time away from home or living in a different town.

Early Wednesday, MSU played host to community businesses and invited their student body out for a part-time student fair.

“We know that a big part of a student’s education doesn’t just happen in the classroom or in their course work, said Assistant Director of MSU’s Career and Development Center Mandy Weister. "You learn so many skills that make you career ready in that organization, that volunteer position or part-time job. Getting involved outside the classroom helps you build that resume, helps you be career ready for that first full-time job and really just gives you that awesome college experience.”

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the Journal of College Student Retention and the Journal of Student Affairs Research, students can benefit from working part-time.

It can help with time management skills, help the student adjust to a new town and even raise their grades.

Research from the Bureau of Labor Statistics finds that students working less than 20 hours per week average a GPA of 3.13 while unemployed students average a 3.04.

“It really helps you, I mean, just connect with the people around you. You feel a lot more at home. Even if you’re just here for college, it’s nice to feel like you belong,” said Samuel Larson, an accounting major.

And with so many local employers showing up looking for workers, finding it should not be overly difficult for these students.

“We hire so many college students. This one in particular, when students are looking for part-time jobs, we can make that happen," Jillian Wychor, a recruit from FUN.com, said.

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