Feeding Innovation in Greater Minnesota, broadband-powered technology discussions

Feeding Innovation in Greater Minnesota

WINTHROP, Minn. (KEYC) — As the agriculture industry becomes more technologically advanced, broadband plays a critical role in the average day on the farm, and one forum is looking to shine a light on the need.

“The importance of broadband to rural Minnesota and to agriculture is important today, but it’s getting more important,” GreenSeam Director Sam Ziegler said.

High-speed internet is critical in day-to-day farm management and next week’s ‘Feeding Innovation in Greater Minnesota Forum’ is looking to highlight the need.

“It’s almost just as important as electricity and water toady and so how do we have that conversation. Some of our counties, our communities are rock stars, there’s fiber in every home and then there’s other communities or areas, my farm included, that there’s a lot to be desired and it’s limiting our potential,” said Ziegler.

The event includes multiple panel discussions and is put on in partnership with multiple organizations including Greenseam, RSFiber Cooperative, United Farmers Cooperative and many others.

“This event is for community members, legislature members, so they know what is happening out in rural America, business owners; it’s focused on the farmer, that’s what we do here and that’s my role, my part is focused on the farmer,” said Dave Eckhoff, vice president of agronomy at United Farmers Cooperative.

Broadband is not only necessary for receiving data, but managing it as well.

“We’ve been able to put systems in place, transfer data, manage great volumes of data and information,” said Eckhoff.

“So we can look back and we can watch real live data coming in from the combine on yield history. Every day that goes on, we have access to more information,” said Eckhoff.

The forum takes place from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 12 at the Berdan Center in Winthrop.

It includes a light breakfast and lunch and all interested in the event can register.

“They can register by going to GreenSeam.org/events and look for Feeding Innovation in Greater Minnesota,” said Ziegler.

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