Washington Park receiving playground upgrade

Washington Park receiving playground upgrade

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) — Construction is underway at Washington Park in downtown Mankato.

The $195,000 project will be train themed, as the old railway line used to run through where the park currently sits.

The city gathered citizen input on what kind of equipment to install, and after over 400 votes, the city says public engagement was critical to the selection process.

“We placed door hangers on people’s homes inviting them to attend and then based on that we developed the options for people to select and then had a pop up event with voting and met with the schools," City of Mankato Communications Coordinator Edell Fiedler said. "We also posted it online so that people who can’t come to meetings or necessarily be there have another opportunity to provide their feedback.”

The completion date is Sept. 20, but it could be done sooner.

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