Bobcats (3 of them!) visit family’s N.M. yard during breakfast

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KOAT/CNN) - A guy in New Mexico gets a taste of the animal kingdom from his breakfast table.

Diego Gonzales looked out the window while having breakfast before school Tuesday and saw a bobcat. And another. And another.

"Out of my peripheral, I see the brown things start to move in my peripheral, and I was like, 'Woah!'" he said.

Even his house cat had to take a peek at the bobcat family. Diego and his family continued to capture these felines on video.

They're beautiful and elegant but also wild.

"We're used to seeing coyotes walk through our yard, that's pretty normal," Gonzales said. "But bobcats, we've never seen that many right on our front yard."

They posted it on the Nextdoor app, and neighbors responded. They were just as awe-struck.

"Everyone was just very psyched to see that wildlife so close," Gonzales said.

He said it was a reminder that wildlife is very much out there and to keep pets safe. It was a sighting he won't soon forget.

"Bobcats are a bit more, a bit rare, so it was very special to see them that morning," he said.

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