North Mankato City Council undergoes work session

North Mankato City Council undergoes work session

NORTH MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) — It was a busy afternoon at the North Mankato Council work session.

The council reviewed the city’s proposed tax levy and 2020 budget.

“The levy is going to go up about 1.6% which would not only generate about 110,000 in additional revenue for the city but also decrease the tax rate by 6/10th of a percent,” Finance Director Kevin McCann said. “So we’d have enough money to fund our operations the capital programming that we identified as well as reduce the tax rate for the North Mankato residents."

To be decided are health insurance costs, upkeep of capital projects such as city infrastructure, ravine maintenance, council member pay increases and more.

A survey conducted of similar cities showed most council members are paid better. The last pay increase occurred in 2007.

North Mankato expects to receive an additional $150,000 of government aid, which helps propose a modest tax increase.

At the next meeting on Sept. 16, they will consider adopting a levy.

Minnesota Statue gives the council until Sept. 30 to formally adopt the levy.

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