Waseca Chamber learns about mental health in workplace

Waseca Chamber learns about mental health in workplace

WASECA, Minn. (KEYC) — The Waseca Chamber hosted a ‘power hour’ Tuesday where members learned about improving mental health in the workplace.

Clinical Director of the South Central Human Relations Center and Marriage and Family Therapist Bobbie Mathern emphasized that poor mental health results in poor performance.

She explains that mental health is as important as physical.

“We want to reduce the stigma of mental health,” she said. "Everybody has mental health just like everybody has physical health. So if you have a cold you are less physical health and if you have anxiety you are less mentally healthy.

She said to reach out if noticing changes in moods such as being withdrawn or calling in sick often.

Also that resource numbers should be posted in the work place so employees can contact help on their own if they may be afraid to ask for it.

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