HYPE hosts business networking seminar

HYPE hosts business networking seminar

NEW ULM, Minn. (KEYC) — The ‘how’s’ and why’s’ to building a business network were the topic at hand for this morning’s event at The Grand Center for Arts and Culture.

The communities’ HYPE, Helping Young Professionals Evolve, group brought in Joanne Funch to provide attendees with tools for building a business network.

'I do believe that your network is your net worth and professionally speaking – as I mentioned earlier – we work a third of our lives and so that does equate to our net worth," Funch said.

The advice comes from Funch’s experiences with leaving her native state of Minnesota for 25 years before returning and not knowing anybody professionally.

She found great value in the use of LinkedIn to reconnect.

Then using that LinkedIn connection to build a relationship.

“We have to learn in business to be less transactional and more relational– get to know people, take the time, because everybody knows somebody and I think business comes from those we know, like and trust,” Funch said.

In addition, it helps young professionals learn of opportunities that exist within the community, rather than having to seek connections elsewhere.

“A lot of the misconceptions are that you need to go into the cities to get that connection to meet these top level people, to build that career you want to build and that’s not accurate,” HYPE representative Ashley Aukes said.

And sharing the knowledge on local resources will in turn help the community.

“Economic development, help our community grow and thrive, it’ll bring young families here which will help our schools,” Aukes said.

Creating a lasting ripple effect throughout the whole community.

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