S.S. Boutique seeks community help with risk of closing

S.S. Boutique seeks community help with risk of closing

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) — A local nonprofit organization says it is at risk of ceasing operations if it doesn’t get the support it needs.

S.S. Boutique offers thousands of pounds of free clothes every month plus home goods to anyone in need, no questions asked.

Organizers say now they're in need of support.

They also need impact statements from everyone who supports them, including businesses which refer to them and people who use their services.

S.S. Boutique fills a growing need, but Brianna Anderson and Jaime Spaide can’t do it alone forever.

“We are at this critical phase where two people who are working 40–60 hours a week to support a nonprofit that’s benefiting hundreds of people in our community and it really is a community project and something that we need more support on right now,” co-director of S.S. Spade said.

S.S. Boutique serves many non–profits within an hour radius of Mankato.

To name a few, they partner with C.A.D.A., the Boys and Girls Club, many social workers and Mankato Area Public Schools.

The organization says it's making the final push applying for grants to find a way to make itself more sustainable.

If it hasn’t found a solution by the end of this year, S.S. Boutique says it can no longer exist.

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