State law cracks down on vaping, tobacco use in schools

State law cracks down on vaping, tobacco use in schools

FAIRMONT, Minn. (KEYC) — A new state law passed for this school year now makes it a petty misdemeanor for minors to possess or use any tobacco device such as cigarettes, chewing tobacco or a vaping device.

The law was passed to target the use of e-cigarettes in schools.

It states that “no person shall at any time smoke, chew, or otherwise ingest tobacco or a tobacco product, or carry or use an electronic delivery device.”

An offense carries a fine of up to $350.

“I’m really glad the Minnesota legislature was proactive and passed this law," Fairmont Schools Superintendent Joseph Brown said. "My hope is that all schools actually pass the law with integrity and that we do, first of all, warn our students not to do it and then second of all if they get caught we follow through.”

Fairmont Schools have educated students on the consequences before they make the decision to vape.

Last year, the district had 35 in-school suspensions due to vaping.

This year, they have zero so far, where last year at this time they had multiple offenses.

“Our students really appreciate the fact that we are open," Superintendent Brown added. "Our school resource officer isn’t a ‘got cha’ cop, he’s to be more of a citizen’s aid, he’s there to help kids and encourages them to come in and talk to him and that’s really what we want our school to be like.”

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