Whimsy & Weathered opens expansion project

Whimsy & Weathered opens expansion project

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) — A bit of rain wasn't about to stop a clothing store in Old Town Mankato from officially opening its expansion project Thursday.

Whimsy & Weathered’s project was months in the making as the new space is connected to the old space in the back.

It used to be used for storage for both Whimsy, as well for an online sales business, which has since moved out.

Excited to finally open it up, this mother-daughter duo wanted to make sure to put their stamp on it.

“So it really was a blank slate for us to just build up and make more Whimsy, but we didn’t necessarily have to work around a store that was already in here,” Co-Owner Jes Tano said.

“We were really conscious about making it cohesive so that that didn’t feel like one space and then this felt like another space and what we learned when we made that decision that this is where we are going to be, is that Old Town is home for us,” Co-Owner Denise David said.

The expansion kept Whimsy & Weathered in Old Town; the owners seriously considered moving before the expansion.

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