Blue Jackets, Bright Futures program inspiring agriculturally-involved youth

Blue Jackets, Bright Futures program inspiring agriculturally-involved youth

WASECA, Minn. (KEYC) — Minnesota FFA Foundation’s “Blue Jackets, Bright Futures” program is seeking sponsors for its 12th year.

Sponsors would help Minnesota FFA members get their hands on the cherished blue, corduroy jacket.

The “Blue Jackets, Bright Futures” Program looks to support future leaders in agriculture by allowing them to apply for a scholarship to receive an FFA jacket, a staple in the organization.

“It means a lot, it means a lot to me personally because that means somebody is there and they’re donating their time to me and they’re putting their future of agriculture in me,” said Kloe Wadd, a freshman FFA member at Waseca High School and a recipient of a jacket from the program.

Wadd is a recipient of an FFA jacket thanks to the “Blue Jackets, Bright Futures” program, and as a freshman at Waseca High School, she is shaping her future through FFA.

“The youth really do want to explore agriculture and put it out to the world, so I would say, by any means, help them because they will do it and they will put forth the time and the effort to spread agriculture around,” said Wadd.

Wadd’s FFA adviser finds joy in helping students hone their passion for agriculture and supporting Minnesota FFA, though she didn’t get the chance to be a member herself.

“I really wish I had the opportunity to be in FFA, my school district didn’t have one, but knowing that these kids are getting such awesome opportunities through FFA is great to see,” said Waseca High School Agriculture Teacher and FFA Adviser Savannah Zippel.

Waseca has chapter jackets, but the personalized jackets through the “Blue Jackets, Bright Futures” program offer a sense of pride.

“The jacket means everything to students, so once they get their own jacket, it really is theirs, it’s personalized,” said Zippel.

“I was excited, it meant a lot to me to finally get that blue coat that I always wanted,” said Wadd.

A link to donate to the program is attached here.

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