Grant helps school teach and practice healthy eating

Grant helps school teach and practice healthy eating

CLEVELAND, Minn. (KEYC) — Cleveland Public School has taken action in improving healthy eating habits in students.

Thanks to being awarded the Brown, Nicollet, Le Sueur and Waseca Counties Statewide Health Improvement Partnership grant, Cleveland Public School was able to bring a healthy chill–able snack cart to the school, as well as improvements to their school garden.

Healthy options for snacks are offered to students in the morning.

Now with the new chill–able cart, refrigerated healthy snacks are available.

Vegetables on the cart often come from local farmers and the apples from the tree right there in the school yard.

The grant also funded the building of raised beds for the school garden.

Teachers, students and community members built the beds making it more elderly and handicap accessible.

Garden Club helper and teacher Joel Boehlke says the program teaches kids valuable life lessons.

“It teaches students where food comes form. And where to grow it where to do things like that,” he said. The grant allowed us to have this opportunity to have the kids grow the food and actually gets used in our lunchroom."

The garden is meant to bring the community together, being open to the local daycares, 4–H programs and scout programs.

All are welcome to help in the garden.

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