Interactive experience serves as teaching moment for students, training for emergency personnel

Interactive experience serves as teaching moment for students, training for emergency personnel

SPRINGFIELD, Minn. (KEYC) — It was a beneficial day for students in school, emergency responders and law enforcement in and around Springfield Wednesday afternoon.

“It’s some of those short decisions that have a long-term impact,” Springfield City Manager Joe Stremcha said.

Every year, law enforcement and first responders are supposed to do some sort of field training.

To create a more interactive and educational experience, the City of Springfield wanted to include its student body, using a couple of them as actors in a car crash while the rest looked on, to really hit home the dangers of distracted driving, driving at unsafe speeds and not buckling up.

“It’s good for me to experience it because I know now I will make sure I have my seat belt on all the time, not texting and driving, Snapchatting or anything you know? It’s just good to have this experience just so you know that you know that it is dangerous to drive and you need to be safe," said Grace Pingeon, a student at Springfield Public High School.

The exercise is mutually beneficial for emergency personnel.

“The moulage that we have done up with the kids and the specific conditions they have are all going to be training that our crews need to work on," Coordinator Paula Thomas said. "I’m hoping to get their skill level up!”

The timing of this practice came as no mistake.

Springfield is in the midst of their annual homecoming celebration, a time that can be a little more dangerous for teens behind the wheel.

“I hope they really take it seriously because this is nothing to joke about. I hope that they understand that this can happen to anybody, yourself, your friends, anything. I hope they just really let it sink in,” Pingeon added.

To conclude the day's festivities, inspirational speaker Deb Hadley spoke on her experiences in front of the whole community earlier Wednesday evening.

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