Morristown moves forward one year after tornado

Morristown moves forward one year after tornado

MORRISTOWN, Minn. (KEYC) — One year ago Friday, a powerful storm cell swept through southern Minnesota, bringing with it high-speed winds and multiple tornadoes.

Near Morristown, an EF2 tornado was reported, downing trees, power lines, crops and completely demolishing several homes in a neighborhood on the edge of town.

One year later, life is close to normal again, as the finishing touches on some houses are being completed.

“We had a storm come through on Sept. 2, for which the sirens went off for and talking to people in the community, I think the sirens sound a little different now a year later. But we’ve got good people in the county to get those sirens off," Morristown Fire Chief Adam Uittenbogaard said.

One resident who completely lost his house one year ago is moving into his new home on the same lot Friday.

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