Prep Athlete: Sleepy Eye St. Mary’s Nick Labat

Prep Athlete: Sleepy Eye St. Mary’s Nick Labat

SLEEPY EYE, Minn. (KEYC) — A veteran player to the Sleepy Eye St. Mary’s varsity football team, Nick Labat is in the midst of his senior year and of his fourth season playing football for the Knights.

Labat is able to make plays regardless of the position he is put into that week.

“I think just adjusting from the different roles we ask him to do, going from just the quarterback to quarterback and defensive back to receiver, tight end, quarterback, running back, safety, cornerback, linebacker so it’s really progressed drastically over the years according to what the team needs each week,” Brent Kucera, Knights head coach, said.

Labat credits his success to a few different avenues.

“I really think that just the coaching helps a lot and practice hard, always work as a team,” Nick Labat, Prep Athlete of the Week, said.

As a senior the signal calling doesn’t only show at games but in daily practices.

“The main thing is just leading the everyday operations you know, getting them stretching, getting them to the front line in drills and just leading them in every aspect of practice every day,” Kucera said.

Even when the dynamic player is hurt he is still contributing to the squad. After a knee injury his sophomore season Labat was guiding the team from the sidelines.

“Being off of all the drills and stuff I kept the guys not in the drills focused, I try to keep them focused in practice, helped with the little things, what I could do,” Labat said.

Coach Kucera hopes to watch Labat develop even more as a football player his final season.

“To see him keep growing and to be the guy that every defense has to account for, that’s really the big thing. If he can make the defense adjust their game plan, he’s doing his job for the team then the rest of the team has to pick it up after that,” Labat said.

And for Labat, he gave his response to what he enjoys most about playing football at Sleepy Eye St. Mary’s.

“My favorite part is being with the guys, making a lot of memories because once you’re done with high school you never get football back,” Labat said.

His poise on the field and ability to excel at many positions is why Nick Labat is our KEYC News 12 Prep Athlete of the Week.

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