Andreas Cancer Center celebrates 10 years of caring for cancer patients

Andreas Cancer Center celebrates 10 years of caring for cancer patients

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) — The Andreas Cancer Center in Mankato reached a milestone today as patients, hospital staff and community members gathered to celebrate the center’s 10-year-anniversary.

Among those celebrating, a woman who has come here for six years so far.

She beat breast cancer in the first year, but it had spread to her bones.

She spoke today about her cancer journey and how she’s gained a second family at the Andreas Cancer Center.

“You know, I would come with my list of questions and so that’s how we all started my appointments out is, what do you got for me today, and we would hit those questions first and he would just laugh at me, we could laugh together, laughter is the best medicine,” said Michelle Rigdon, a patient at Andreas Cancer Center.

Rigdon said that cancer center staff always greets patients with a smile and one nurse claims the title of “jokester," which to Rigdon, is the best medicine.

“You know, when patients are feeling down, we know what they like or what’s funny to them, it can bring up their spirits. I do what I can for my patients as if they were my family, for me, humor is my way to go, having people feel good, big smiles,” said RN at Mayo Clinic Health Systems in Mankato, Jim Louangsaphakdy.

Tours were also offered at today’s event to showcase advancements in cancer treatment and care.

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