Mankato City Council members and city staff tour city projects firsthand on bus tour

Mankato City Council members and city staff tour city projects firsthand on bus tour

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) — Thursday evening, city council members and city staff took a bus tour to see around 20 different projects in the 2020 Community Investment Plan.

“They get to see the projects on the ground, so really get a good understanding of what the capital projects are that are in the budget that they’re looking at and have a good understanding and ability to ask questions about what that means for the future of the community," said Deputy City Manager Alison Zelms.

Projects included Well 15.

The area has lost 43 feet of riverbank from 2009 to the fall of last year.

KEYC News 12 previously reported that if much more is lost, the city is at risk of losing the well.

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Mankato gets 70 percent of its water from the area around Land of Memories, and the well provides 30 percent of the supply to the water treatment plant.

For Mayor Najwa Massad, this was the most important stop on the tour.

“And we were talking about that. We were told about how severe it was, the erosion, but seeing it was completely different," she said.

Other stops on the tour included the intersection at Pohl Road and Stadium Road.

The CIP proposes a new roundabout at the area, which it says will reduce the crash rate.

After the tour, the city will consult with staff to determine which projects should be their priority.

Both staff and council emphasized that it was important for the two groups to meet.

“And make sure that their needs are met so that they have a better understanding of what staff does every day that brings together the projects," said Zelms.

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