Prep Athlete: MVL’s Maddie Pearson and Mara Weisensel

Prep Athlete: MVL’s Maddie Pearson and Mara Weisensel

NEW ULM, Minn. (KEYC) — The Minnesota Valley Lutheran volleyball team currently holds an 11–4 record, winning their last 7 consecutive games.

Heading the Chargers offense are seniors Mara Weisensel and Maddie Pearson.

These two are our KEYC News 12 Prep Athletes of the Week.

Weisensel and Pearson have been playing volleyball together for six years and the link that they have established is clear to anyone that watches them.

“We’re really comfortable with each other, we know each other’s movements, we know what’s going to happen, how the ball is going to be played, it’s really just a good combination,” Mara Weisensel, Prep Athlete of the Week, said.

“I love playing with Mara, I get excited when she’s in the front row with me because we can read each other pretty well and it’s my favorite part of the game,” Maddie Pearson, Prep Athlete of the Week, said.

The connection between the two offensive weapons is something they have worked hard for.

“There are not that many sets that Maddie puts up there to Mara that are a misread or a miscommunication, they have just really gelled together, they just do a great job of reading each other and Mara adjusting to where the pass is and Maddie getting the ball right where Mara needs it to get that kill,” Amy Pearson, MVL head coach, said.

Not only do the two meld well with each other, the intensity and excitement that they have for the sport is poured onto the rest of the team as well.

“They both do a great job of keeping the energy levels super high at practice, I very rarely have to get on anyone’s case to try harder or give it more effort,” Amy Pearson, said.

“During the JV games we want to watch our JV team but we just want to get pumped up and start cheering and coming out here and with all the fans it’s really exciting,” Maddie Pearson, said.

“If anybody gets a kill or a really good pass I just love the enthusiasm that everybody has,” Weisensel said.

Weisensel and Pearson are able to transition their spirit on the court into their captain roles.

“My goal as a senior and a captain is to lead by example and kind of set the tone for practices and games so that the team can follow and we all work hard and accomplish our goals,” Maddie Pearson, said.

“As captains we have to encourage them and make sure that if anybody’s down we have to build them up, if there are injured players we have to bring them into practice as well, there just has to be a lot of talking,” Weisensel said.

Their devotion to each other as well as to the rest of the team is why Mara Weisensel and Maddie Pearson are our KEYC News 12 Prep Athletes of the Week.

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