Hometown Business Connection: Vanderberg Clean

Hometown Business Connection: Vanderberg Clean

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) — It has been almost a decade since Josh Vanderberg started his own cleaning company, Vanderberg Clean, but the company’s roots go back even further than that.

“My grandparents had been in the janitorial industry when I was growing up actually in Mankato," Vanderberg said. "They exited about 2001-2003 was there really their last account finished up, so I learned a lot from them.”

Josh saw a needed niche - a full service janitorial company to keep up with new buildings and new businesses in the growing region.

“I think this service that we provide has been the key: always being available for a customer," said Vanderberg. "I answer my phone at 3 in the morning if one of our customers needs help at that time or one of our team members needs help. I think that’s something that we offer that maybe others aren’t able to offer as much.”

Josh, his wife, and soon to be five children are committed to the area and supporting other locally owned businesses.

“We try to do as much local business as we can and the cool thing is a lot of those people that we go to see, we do business back and forth so that’s really fun too" Vanderberg added. "In the community, you know, you’re doing business with people who do business with you and you just feel that relationship over time.”

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