Census takers needed for southern Minnesota communities

Census takers needed for southern Minnesota communities

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) — The U.S. Census Bureau is now recruiting southern Minnesota census takers for the 2020 census, a position that the bureau said can have a big impact on local communities.

Every 10 years, the U.S. census is used to determine congressional representation and funding given to local organizations like schools, hospitals and more.

But before that can happen, census takers need to make sure that all populations are counted for.

Southern Minnesota resident Lona Falenczykowski said she is considering applying for the position.

“If you have time on your hands to go around and work, I know they’re trying to recruit," she said.

It’s a position that the bureau said it will keep as local as possible.

Those who apply would be working in their own neighborhood.

Knocking on doors will be the main responsibility.

“It’s what we call non–response follow–up. So, after people have the chance to self–respond to the census, either online, by phone or with the paper form, if they haven’t responded back, that’s when these temporary census takers would go out," Sam Fettig, the Minnesota Team Lead for the bureau, said.

The recruiting process is open now, and job offers will come in January.

You have to be at least 18 to apply and hours are flexible.

Fettig said he encourages census takers to make sure everybody is counted for.

He added that children under 5-years-old were one of the hardest populations to record in the last census but that it’s still an important population.

“Because again, the census can affect school funding, so I know in southern Minnesota, some cities have been experiencing some new population growth, and making sure that that’s captured, including children under five years old who are going to be entering the school system," Fettig said.

And Falenczykowski encourages her neighbors to participate in the census.

“I just think it’s important that everyone is counted," she said.

The bureau added that those at home can make sure that census takers are official by a photo I.D. badge.

To apply, visit 2020Census.gov.

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