S.S. Boutique creates “Go Bags” for domestic violence victims

S.S. Boutique creates “Go Bags” for domestic violence victims

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) — October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month and S.S. Boutique’s latest project is hoping to help those impacted by domestic violence.

S.S. Boutique started nearly five years ago, giving back to the community by reducing waste and assisting caregivers by providing clothing and home goods to those in need at no cost.

Now, S.S. boutique is putting together 'go bags' for those fleeing domestic violence situations.

These ‘go bags’ are filled with items such as a phone charger, a toothbrush and various necessities that are forgotten when fleeing the situation. It’s hoped each bag provides a sense of comfort.

“Where they just feel that they are going to be OK, because they are supported by the community, they are loved, they are welcomed and they know that it’s hard right now, but with the help of other individuals it will be OK and get better over time,” said S.S. Boutique founder, Brianna Anderson.

The 'go bags' are handmade by a local woman who owns "That's Sew Sara." Sara Hunter is making the bags from donated materials and unwanted items at S.S. Boutique.

“One of the things that they’ve been wanting to do lately is re-purpose some of their unusable clothes, things that weren’t taken when they were out for donations, so I’ve taken some things from them so I’ve re-purposed them into hand warmers, pillows and now we’ll do the bags,” said volunteer and owner of “That’s Sew Sara," Sara Hunter.

S.S. Boutique is asking people to sponsor the bags at $30 each.

You can donate at their location at 1415 1st Avenue in Mankato. A direct link to their website with more information is attached here.

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