United South Central students perform water quality tests

United South Central students perform water quality tests

WELLS, Minn. (KEYC) — “We are testing water temperatures and learning all about water to see if it’s good or bad, and it’s really fun, because you get to take so many tests,” said 5th Grader Kaylee Schroeder.

This Friday, the Prairie Ecology Bus Center, which describes itself as a nature center without a center, took elementary students out to learn how to test water quality.

“We’ll take kids out to their local wetlands, woods or prairie and then we’ll teach them about that area and different environmental lessons," Naturalist Stepheney Studer said.

The group will also work inside schools, like they did Friday, after the USC Education Foundation helped fund the lesson.

Students got to conduct physical tests by checking the color and smell of the water.

They also got to conduct different chemical tests.

Studer says the lesson helps the kids learn to love and care for nature.

"It gets a chance for the kids to go out doors and really think of their environment in a different way."

Schroeder says testing water quality is important for preserving southern Minnesota's ponds.

“So if we test the water, and it’s good, then that means we’re doing good, and if it’s not, that means we have to take better care of it.”

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