3D Technology introduced at Mayo Clinic Health System

3D Technology introduced at Mayo Clinic Health System

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) — Mayo Clinic Health System in Mankato is introducing a new piece of technology that wasn’t available in this area before.

Just last year, Mayo brought in a physician who specialized in Facial Plastics and Reconstructive Surgery.

They say the program has been a great success in providing a treatment people used to have to travel for.

Now, the consultations for nose–reconstruction will have a new tool to enhance the experience.

Three dimensional imaging technology will now give patients a better visual.

“I can really work together with the patients to really figure out what’s important to them as far as their appearance, particularly with rhinoplasty or nose jobs. And so, we don’t want to just go in there and create a nose that we think looks good without having the input of the patient, and so this gives us a chance to simulate different things we would do to change the appearance of the nose during surgery,” said Kaveh Karimnejad, a physician in Facial Plastics and Reconstructive Surgery at Mayo Clinic Health System.

This is also important for the science behind the surgery.

It allows doctors to reference the exact measurements in surgery to try and perfect the patient’s vision.

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