New home, same mission for founders of ‘Love in Mankato’

New home, same mission for founders of ‘Love in Mankato’

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) — A couple that has preached love is moving away from Mankato to continue spreading a message, but the impact they made during their time in Mankato will not be forgotten.

David and Priscilla Coffee moved to the area in 2010. Since then, they have made a large impact in the community.

In 2012, they started the House of Worship Church.

“We started in our house, it was just us and our kids, right in our living room. Our praise and worship was in the kitchen," said David Coffee.

The church now shares space with the Belgrade United Methodist Church.

David Coffee says they will be welcoming a new pastor in on Sunday, Oct. 28, and he encourages members to attend.

For years the Coffees have put on Love in Mankato, an all free event in the park filled with games, food, free school supplies, diapers and more.

But not to worry the event will continue for years to come.

What lies next for the Coffees? A move to Charlotte, North Carolina, where they will be helping with disaster relief and giving support to those who help others.

“We are so passionate about being of assistance to people helping other people. We want to refresh them, refuel them. We want to do workshops and seminars and retreats," said Priscilla Coffee.

“This is the big thing that’s in our hearts to do," she continued. “We’re bursting with vision."

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