‘Stitches for Hope’ group brings comfort to cancer patients

A group in New Ulm is dedicating their time to bring warmth and comfort to cancer patients.

‘Stitches for Hope’ group brings comfort to cancer patients

NEW ULM, Minn. (KEYC) — Seven years ago a group of women started ‘Stitches for Hope’, a project where they sew their own scraps of fabric into quilts and donate them to their local cancer center.

“We love to do it. It’s just such a rewarding experience to do this for these people. Because the feedback just brings tears to your eyes sometimes," Project Coordinator Patty Haala said.

They meet once every other month, or more if needed, to make sure every new cancer patient that walks in the door, receives a quilt.

“It’s local, its love, its passion, it’s wrapping our arms around patients in the community with the quilts they provide,” said Missy Dreckman, New Ulm Medical Center Foundation Executive Director.

“These ladies get together and spend their time putting pieces of things together that were nothing. They were scraps. And putting them together to make something this lovely," said New Ulm Cancer Center Manager Lorna Holmberg. "It brings back that they are not alone.”

For patients, the gesture is a memory of comfort that will last for years to come.

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