Prep Athlete: Belle Plaine’s Mikayla Coops

Prep Athlete: Belle Plaine’s Mikayla Coops

BELLE PLAINE, Minn. (KEYC) — The Belle Plaine volleyball team is gearing up for their second consecutive state tournament appearance.

Assisting in the dominant offense this team plays with is senior Mikayla Coops, who is our KEYC News 12 Prep Athlete of the Week.

“My mindset every practice is to get one percent better and I think that’s a big thing, that’s all of our goals to be one percent better each practice and just to build each other up,” Mikayla Coops, Prep Athlete of the Week, said.

The team accomplishes this by communicating a great deal on the court.

“She’s very vocal, she’s very good at understanding the game and with a couple of her teammates, they’re very good at helping the younger girls, the newer girls know where they’re supposed to be, what shots are coming, what to expect and just being that vocal leader,” Rich Foust, Belle Plaine’s head coach, said.

“A big thing I do, even on the bench, being vocal, letting people know shots and everything and when it’s timeout we always take deep breaths, remove this world and let our minds have a break from the game and then get it back together and go out,” Coops said.

Coops also leads by example with the way she practices and plays.

“She’s a natural lefty, so she plays the right side for us and really has just a strong swing, she jumps really well, reads the court really nicely, she can hit all the shots. She can hit the line shots, she can hit the cross-court shot, she rolls and tips nicely, she’ll hit the ball high off the hands so even if the other team knows about her and double blocks or even tries to triple block, she knows the shot that will have the best chance of scoring, and she’s usually pretty good about going after that shot,” Foust said.

Coops will be taking her talents to the collegiate level next year as she continues her academic and athletic career at Augsburg College.

The right side hitter’s game-changing abilities are why Mikayla Coops is our KEYC News 12 Prep Athlete of the Week.

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