Maverick Football is having a record-breaking season

Maverick Football is having a record-breaking season

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) -The MSU football team topped the University of Sioux Falls Saturday to improve their overall record to 10–0.

“I think things are really going well so far, the players are very motivated, very driven, we have a lot of talent, we have a lot of experience. The coaches have been doing a great job of putting our players in position to make plays and we’ve had some very favorable results,” Todd Hoffner, MSU head coach, said.

“Yeah I think that coaches have been putting together a really good game plan for us defensively and we’ve been rotating a lot of guys in and everyone’s just focusing on doing their job and flying around and having fun,” Alex Goettl, MSU senior linebacker, said.

The Mavericks have demonstrated their commanding offense this season by breaking the program’s record for highest points scored in a single game not once, but twice, winning 74–17 over the University of Mary and then shutting out Minnesota Crookston the next week 81–0.

“Just shows how much depth we have, to get those younger guys in, a lot of the starters are sitting out the second half, it’s just great for them to get experience because they’re going to be the up and coming and they’re going to the next guys up so it’s great for them and it’s great for us as a team,” Shane Zylstra, MSU senior wide receiver, said.

Not only is the team as a whole breaking records individual ceilings are being shattered as well, senior running back Nate Gunn now holds the title of Minnesota State’s all–time leader in rushing touchdowns, most rushing touchdowns in a single game and rushing yards and senior wide receiver Shane Zylstra surpassed the all–time leader in receiving yards.

“I think the players are obviously delivering but we only have one football and Shane and Nate have both had their shares of getting touches and positions where they can score touchdowns and put points on the board and those records don’t just happen overnight, they put a lot of time in here with Shane over four years and Nate over three years for them to accomplish what they have accomplished and it’s been really impressive what they’ve done so far,” Hoffner said.

With Zylstra and Gunn as powerful forces on the offensive side of the ball working alongside seasoned quarterbacks in Ryan Schlichte and JD Ekowa the Mavs have been able to come at opposing teams with both passing and rushing plays.

“I think our quarterbacks are really doing a nice job, they’re throwing the ball better, they’re getting better protection, the routes are becoming more open. We’re actually putting more people into the routes and the quarterbacks are progression reading and they’re doing a really good job of deciding who gets the football and it’s really important that the split second decisions that they have to make, they’ve been really good so far. Early in the season we wanted to run the ball a lot, in the middle of the season we wanted to pass it a lot and now hopefully like you said we can mix it up to both run and pass,” Hoffner said.

The squad is back in action Saturday for their final regular season game, they travel to take on Upper Iowa.

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