Golden Apple Award winner’s teachings go far beyond classroom

Golden Apple Award winner’s teachings go far beyond classroom

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) — Chris Ward teaches AP Bio and Anatomy in a Mankato East High School classroom.

“I enjoy the students coming in with questions and getting passionate about the topic and then leaving with a feeling of ‘I’m successful, I’ve accomplished something’," Ward said.

But for Ward, the lessons go beyond the classroom walls.

“Working with youth, you know whether it is 7th and 8th graders in track or here in 11 and 12th grade in biological sciences, these are kids heading off to college, we are all learning and we get what we get and grow as a team,” Ward explained.

The relationships he builds are evident, prompting two different students to nominate him for the Golden Apple.

“I’ve never had a teacher care so much or have such a profound impact on my life,” wrote one of the students that nominated Ward for the Golden Apple.

“Wow! To have a student, clearly, say that, it speaks to the fact that as teachers we don’t typically know what impact we have on these kids’ lives," Ward described. "Being patient and being compassionate and caring sometimes goes farther than we think they are going to.”

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