Madelia paraprofessional, interpreter awarded Golden Apple

Madelia paraprofessional, interpreter awarded Golden Apple

MADELIA, Minn. (KEYC) — No longer is it enough to teach reading, writing and arithmetic.

As our region diversifies, language can be a barrier to learning for many.

“I am a paraprofessional and interpreter,” said Tina Marin.

Thanks to Tina Marin in Madelia those barriers were busted down 30 years ago.

“When I first started, we only had one student in the whole school that I serviced,” recalled Marin.

Today she serves 48 students in grades Pre-K to 6th grade for who English is not their native language.

“We have had a lot more children coming from other countries, so that’s where it gets more complicated for some of us,” Marin described.

“I am actually servicing the children of the students I had way back when I first started. So I think that’s rewarding too. How some of the parents have gone on to do much better and spread their wings a little more. Where I think if they didn’t have the opportunity with the help in school, more kids wouldn’t graduate from high school,” Marin explained.

Once a quarter, Madelia Elementary holds an assembly to reward certain students’ milestones.

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