Minnesota National Farmers Organization holds state convention

Minnesota National Farmers Organization holds state convention

OLIVIA, Minn. (KEYC) - The Minnesota National Farmers Organization held their 2019 state convention in Olivia, MN on Saturday and prepared for their national convention in February.

The Minnesota National Farmers Organization has a focus on collective bargaining to help farmers market and price their products.

“We call ourselves national farmers but we’re strongest in the northern part of the country. We do have a dairy program in California, we have a lot of milk there, but from here to the East Coast down to Missouri, Ohio, we’re pretty active,” said Mark Rohr, one of Minnesota’s national directors in the National Farmers Organization.

They’re a general farm organization dealing with grain and livestock whose marketing professionals negotiate with agriculture industry buyers with hopes to improve the bottom line.

"And our goal is to put together large volumes of product and bargain and so the best we can for our members. We don't own the product, we don't make money doing it, we take a bargaining fee for that."

With a soft spot for the family farm..

“Generation that’s called millennials, do care where their food comes from. We have done surveys, something like 90% of that age group cares where their food comes from, who grew it, under what conditions was it grown. We think family farms can provide the kind of food those people are looking for,” said Rohr,

The group hopes to make farming an accessible occupation for young Americans in the private enterprise system and receives support from other organizations.

“From Farmers Union in Minnesota and Wisconsin, we have support from the Land Stewardship Project, we are hoping to get more support from other organizations. Gradually, we’re hoping it’ll spread to other states,” said Minnesota National Farmers Organization public relations director, John Zschetzsche.

The organization’s main goal is to improve commodity prices through collective bargaining.

The National Farmers Organization national convention will be held February 10-12 in Bloomington, MN.

More information on the National Farmers Organization, the national convention and their services can be found here.

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